Spark your Intuitive Health  

learn by doing 

It's easier to explore a new skill with your own personal hype squad (it's me, I'm your hype squad)

The two virtual coaching sessions included with Spark your Intuitive Health give you a sneak peak not only at how you can feel your best on any given day, but at how to actually crave those habits which provide mental and physical healing. It’s the perfect introduction where you bridge the gap between thinking and pressing start. It’s not enough to just read about health; the sessions are a way for you to actually take the leap and practice healthy habits, hands-on, while still being guided and supported. It’s a judgment free environment crafted for those who want even more practice and results in making their health intuitive and automatic.

I walked away from the session feeling more confident in my cooking abilities and with an invaluable toolkit for future success.-Claire 

Hannah is such an absolute joy to work with. She's incredibly well versed on all things wellness and her passion for holistic living is contagious.

-Paige Z. 

We lay the groundwork for achieving a more relaxed and overall lighter you by implementing small tangible ways of cooking and moving that add value to your life not only physically but emotionally. Your own happiness is at the forefront of what we do so that your health isn’t something that needs to be dreaded but rather something that lights you up. Every individual is different, which means every session is a unique opportunity for us to get creative on how I can best guide you on your intuitive health journey.

Get a "taste" for our session options:

  • Cooking Classes on creative recipes that are easy, decadent and healthy 

  • Holistic Eating Education on how to create a reasonable approach for your lifestyle  

  • Intuitive Cooking Skills so you don’t have to rely so heavily on recipes but rather your individual taste preferences

  • Creative Cooking Skills so you can cook based solely on ingredients or leftovers that you already have on hand - waste not want not!

  • How to Make Exercise Automatic with tools that can shift working out to become an innate and enjoyable habit, daily 

  • Wellness Coaching on how to clear away any limiting beliefs or blocks that might be holding you back

  • Power Yoga workout classes