A healing container of kitchen playfulness and soul connection 


begins January 11th

what you get...

5 month virtual group program & in person retreat

  • Bi-weekly healing live cooking classes (high-vibe, healthy recipes, and supportive conversation) 

  • 1:1 intro health coaching and intention setting 

  • 1:1 post retreat integration call

  • Unlimited individual and group support access via text, email and facebook 

  • All-inclusive Culinary Wellness Retreat in Calabria, Italy (April or May, individual schedules can be considered) 


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is the Cook Well program for me?

Are you Craving more Meaningful Connection

with soul minded individuals?

Do you Feel Drawn to Eat Well?

but don’t always have the motivation, time, or energy to create a satisfying meal

Do you Want to Feel Less Heavy and More Playful?

in your health, your relationships, and your outlook on life

or maybe you...

Want to Forever Change your Relationship with Nutrition and Cooking?

rom being dreadful to being the best part of your day 

or you just...

Want Something to Look Forward to? 

that will provide a consistent sense of community and connection during your week? 

 surround yourself with people who raise your vibration 

Imagine if...

Healthy nourishment is a truth for us all so you can feel stronger in your body and lighter in your mind 

healthy Eating WAS

No more overthinking diet! Together we simplify and integrate healthy gut-healing food that tastes so good you'll never want to eat another way again. 

Yes, I said it! With the proper guidance with easy and delicious"healthy foodie" approved recipes & shopping lists at your fingertips you will feel more excited to create. 

The live classes elevate your

 energy through connection, interaction, instruction, and most importantly, better flavor

Kitchen stress WAS REPLACED with enjoyment

Cooking FELT easier than takeout

YOU FELT More AlignED & IN flow

sounds like a dream...

...your only problem is...

  • The burden of thinking of meal ideas is too overwhelming 

  • When you're feeling tired or lazy you just don't want to spend energy cooking  

  • Healthy cooking doesn't feel enjoyable, and is just a "should" on your list

  • You feel like you have to choose between flavor and health 

  • You can’t find flexibility within a healthy lifestyle and resort to all or nothing approaches that leave you feeling shameful


If you had a magic wand...

that could make your health became easy and light...that you felt excited and inspired to maintain, with entertaining accountability & compassionate guidance ?
Would you waive it?

how it works...


the secret sauce...

We make it FUN

Aligning your body physically is a truth for us all, but that’s not to say we can’t make the process exciting



into my two prong approach as your foundation and base 

Allow Flexibility

based intuitively on your emotional / situational cravings

Easy Cooking, Together

so the recipes can be intuitively integrated into your lifestyle


 preparing healthy foods with FLAVOR so you’ll crave & want to repeat 


Here's What We'll Do:

Live Group Cooking Classes--Hands on Learning (& Eating!) Tuesdays at 6pm EST

Live Group Coaching Calls

"Food for Thought" so we can brain-dump all things food/mealtime pains

"Healthy Gourmet" Recipes of the Week

Uploaded weekly to the online member portal

Unlimited Food, Recipe, and Wellness Support

From me & the Cook Well community 

Cooking Classes


valued at $2,999

Pay in Full: 
*early bird special*: $997

Or Three Payments of

still have questions? 

before the program...

You feel burdened & overwhelmed with what to eat

 You feel out of alignment & shameful when you’re too tired to cook


You think you "should" eat well, but lack inspiration 

after the program...

You're easily integrating healthy meals, without a diet 

You can't wait to eat well, from an intrinsic desire


Your mind is lighter and calmer, and your body feels stronger 



added weekly to your online member portal based on the weekly theme! Inclusive of videos, ingredients, and detailed instructions 

How do I prepare for the cooking classes?


How do I prepare for the cooking classes?


I can't get or don't like a certain ingredient, what should I do?


What if I have an allergy to one of the ingredients?


Can I ask questions during the class?


I can't make one of the live classes, what should I do?


How long will the class be?


Can I pour a glass of wine to have while cooking?


You will receive a grocery shopping & kitchen utensil list via the online portal by email. You will purchase all the grocery items ahead of time and lay out of your ingredients & equipment before the class starts


Send me a message! There is so much room for flexibility and substitutions with all my recipes


Don't hurt yourself! Send me a message and we can find a comparable substitution


YES!! All the questions. This is an open forum for you


Not to worry! I will send you the recording the following day & it will also be uploaded to the online portal


Usually an hour-we gotta eat!


ONLY ALWAYS! Were here to feel empowered and have fun.

When you align your body physically you are acting more in alignment with your truest self. 

When you are acting more in alignment with yourself you can show up more you.

 More unapologetically YOU.

*Limited spots available. Custom aprons will be sent to the FIRST 6 people who register