Monthly Membershi

your answer to "what's for dinner?!" just became easy


new recipes with video demos that will make healthy eating easy & flavorful 



what you get...

Weekly Recipes

that check all the boxes: healthy, flavorful, seasonal, simple

Step-by-Step Videos

for added instruction, entertainment, and connection 

Personal Guidance

from a culinary expert, foodie, and holistic nutritionist 

so you don't have to worry about finding the perfect recipe

say goodbye to mealtime stress and hello to easy recipes you actually enjoy making  

Do You Dread Cooking?

so much that even thinking about dinner gives you anxiety​?

Do You Keep Ordering

because you just don't know what, let alone want, to cook ​

Don't Have Time to Cook?

And can't fathom how to make it easier, but know eating well will make you feel better

Does Dinner Feel like too Much Work? 

and you don't have time to spend hours on Pinterest searching for the perfect 20 minute recipe that takes 2 hours

Take a Sigh of Relief-You are in the Right Place! 

Get Inspired to cOok 

creative and healthy meals that are easy to cook. So you can feel stronger in your body and lighter in your mind 

when healthy gut-healing food tastes this good you'll never want to eat another way again

less hours spent on Pinterest and "healthy foodie" approved more instant shopping lists & recipes at your fingertips 

The videos gives you better energy with interaction, better instruction, and most importantly, better flavor

Know what's 
for dinner

Make eating healthy Mindless

Kitchen Dread with joy


what you can expect..

With my two prong approach as a foundation that can realistically be implemented. No more restrictive diet mind chatter!

 More Flavor

It's not just healthy recipes. It's recipes that are both so crave worthy and simple that you'll actually be excited to cook

Less Mealtime Stress

Life is crazy, dinner time and eating well doesn't have to be. Quick, easy, and simple recipes so you can have more flow, less resistance 

Less Over-thinking

What to eat-let me do the research. All you have to do is buy the items on your list and cook along





is the membership for me? 

Do you want...


  • Solution to eating healthy that requires minimal thought? 

  • Healthy, easy meals that feel intuitive and enjoyable to cook?

  • Enjoy feeding your family healthy recipes they'll love to eat and you'll love to make, because its so easy? 

  • To be excited to cook a healthy dinner? 

  • More alignment in all parts of your life, with less resistance and more flow​

  • Stop overthinking what to eat?

  • Regular digestion and better gut health?


With the membership you will...

Intuitively integrate healthy eating into your day, without even thinking about it?

Have meals to cook that were easy, quick, healthy and flavorful so that it felt more appealing to cook than dial for takeout?



Feel confident, aligned, and empowered in your body everyday?



How does it work ?


How many recipes and videos do I get per month?


I can't get or don't like a certain ingredient, what should I do?


I think I need more accountability to reach my health goals, what should I do? 


How many recipes and videos do I get per month?


You will receive a grocery shopping list, recipe, and video via the online portal. You will purchase all the grocery items ahead of time and then follow along at your own pace!


You will receive 4 per month to give you enough time to shop for ingredients and implement the new dish. 


Send me a message! There is so much room for flexibility and substitutions with all my recipes


I get it! Check out my COOK WELL group 8 week program. 


You will receive 4 per month to give you enough time to shop for ingredients and implement the new dish. 

When you align your body physically you are acting more in alignment with your truest self. 

When you are acting more in alignment with yourself you can show up more you.

 More unapologetically YOU.

*Membership will automatically renew every month. You can cancel at anytime.