where healthy cooking becomes your weekly entertainment 

An 8 Week Virtual Program of Hands-on Intuitive Health & Cooking

Replace the Dread of “What’s for Dinner?!” with

A Desire to Cook Easy, Flavorful, and Healthy Meals

I am here as your transformational wellness chef  and guide. 

Hi, I'm Hannah!

A foodie with gut health issues and a desire to feel good in my body without all the overthinking. My solution? Healthy gourmet meals that are simple to make, taste amazing, and leave my body, mind, and soul feeling all the happy feels. 

It IS possible to enjoy your own health, in a way you’ll actually crave. No rules, no restrictions, no choosing between pleasing just your mind or just your body. No choosing between ease and health. I’m on a mission to heal and spark more joy through connection, compassion, and creativity both in the kitchen and beyond. 


In this 8 week group container we make health and cooking not only simple but entertaining. Think: Live cooking show meets happy hour hangout with friends... Health & wellness guidance meets accountability… 

Join this community of like-minded souls as we playfully create and connect! What you'll get: Six interactive cooking classes, two Food for Thought zoom parties, additional themed recipes of the week, private Facebook group for participants, unlamented email support from me- and MORE! 

Program Schedule-Begins June 6th! 

Live Group Cooking Classes--Hands on Learning (& Eating!):

  • June 15th: Healthy & Decadent-taste good, feel good 
  • June 22nd: Intuitive Meal Prep

  • June 29th: Healthy Summer Party! Sides, Appetizers and More

  • July 13th: Fire up the Grill! 

  • July 20th: Summer Produce Inspired Meal

  • July 27th: Cooking Finale!

*all classes will be held via zoom. Participants will be emailed the recipes & shopping list one week in advance. exact dates subject to change

Live Zoom Chats (parties) "Food for Thought’: so we can brain-dump all things food/mealtime pains

  • Week of June 6th: “Welcome Party!!”: Initial kick off zoom to introduce yourself and what excites you most about this program
  • Wednesday July 7th: midpoint huddle to discuss and alleviate any kitchen, meal time, or food pain paints


"Healthy Gourmet" Recipes of the Week: emailed weekly on Sunday morning with shopping list. Some theme examples:

  • Health Appetizer & Cocktail Recipes
  •  4th of July Themed Recipes

  • Healthy Summer Recipe Guide

Unlimited Food, Recipe, and Wellness Support from me and Facebook community  


Yoga Classes ‘Keep the Food and Energy Moving’ live via zoom or receive the recording the following day.

||June 10th 7:30am: Power Yoga Digestive Flow ||

||June 24th 7:30am: ​Digestion Yoga Flow ||

||July 8 7:30am: Detox Twist it Out Flow  ||

"Order up! Soul Conversations" Weekly Journal Prompts: sent every Tuesday morning to "feed the mind"

Is Cook Well for me?

YES! If...

  • You crave a solution to eating healthy that offers freedom AND flexibility

  • You want to let go of food restrictions


  • You seek meals that are healthy and LAZY, so your frozen pizza or takeout isn’t your only solution at the end of a long day


  • You're looking for entertainment and connection scheduled into your week

  • You want healthy cooking inspiration & tips that make you want to cook well for yourself and others


  • You want enjoyable accountability for eating well

  • You're interested in better gut health



Healthy nourishment is a TRUTH for us all.

  • By simplifying nutrition into my two prong approach as your foundation / base 

  • By welcoming diet flexibility based intuitively on your emotional / situational cravings

  • By practicing easy recipes together, so they can be intuitively integrated into your lifestyle, just one week out of the year 

  • By preparing healthy foods with flavor so you’ll crave & want to repeat   

When you align your body physically you are acting more in alignment with your truest self. 


When you are acting more in alignment with yourself you can show up more you. 

More unapologetically YOU.