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My Intuitive Health

when healthy living becomes intuitive

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Maybe you're SO inundated by all the nutrition and exercise information out there that you don’t even know where to start.

Wishing Health Could be Fun?

Maybe you’ve tried to incorporate some healthy habits into your life but CAN'T seem to find the joy or consistency to maintain them.

Confused What's "Healthy"?

Maybe you feel like your brain is about to explode from all the latest health trends telling you you NEED to eat certain foods you can’t even pronounce.

Trust me - you are not alone! 

our bodies aren't meant to follow one master diet and workout regimen 

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Trust Me - You Are Not Alone!

Our bodies aren’t meant to follow one master diet & workout regimen. 

Power Yoga & Movement

for when you want to feel empowered

How will I create my own intuitive health?

Through individualized wellness & cooking coachingHealth isn't meant to be perfect or strict, it's meant to add calmness, happiness, and lightness to your being. With Intuitive Health we figure out what forms of movement and nutrition are enjoyable and sustainable for your individual body so they can be transformed to your "everyday automatic." We find ways for you to naturally crave empowering habits by learning approachable, maintainable and entertaining ways of cooking and moving. 

Beginning in the kitchen, I specialize in finding ways to make food and cooking fun again by combining foods you already love and adding healthy spins or finding healthy shortcuts for those busy days! I create healthy cooking experiences that complement your specific body, but more importantly, are DELICIOUS and designed to fit into your lifestyle. Cooking and eating don't have to be scary - they can be your own creative outlet for giving your body exactly what it needs. Having fun in my kitchen is non-negotiable!

Hannah's cooking classes and recipes are delicious AND accessible for all. I cannot wait for my next session with her! 

-Paige Z.

As someone who has very limited cooking experience, Hannah made the process seamless, easy, and FUN. Even in a virtual environment, the session felt very “hands on”

Claire V.

Smoothie for Kids

What is

Intuitive Health?

Who is Intuitive Health for?

      Someone who wants their health habits to be more automatic, without overthinking it

      Someone overwhelmed by mainstream diet & exercise plans

      Someone struggling to maintain health motivation

      Someone looking for healthy cooking guidance

      Someone confused about what even is healthy for their own body

      Someone struggling with gut health

      Someone struggling with body confidence

It’s a lifestyle shift that incorporates holistic cooking, movement, and wellness by building on practices that you already enjoy to make the journey to a healthy lifestyle more seamless. The health habits and shifts that we co-create will become innate and automatic because they are designed to empower you. The intuitive part comes from the healing impact that these behaviors have on your mental and physical body. Your body, mind, AND soul will naturally crave these positive healthy routines because they make you feel calmer, happier and a whole lot brighter!

Cooking Healthy Dinner Vegetables Delicious

Holistic Cooking & 

Nutrition Counseling

easy, healthy, and delicious

  1. Tune in: Get clear on why you want to work out and how you want to feel 

  2. Make it Fun: Find movements you love doing and that keep you feeling good afterwards 

  3. Routine: Create automation through consistency and repetition

  4. Flexibility: Create room for flexibility within your routine

Movement offers the opportunity to work your body in challenging ways so that your thoughts slow down, leaving room for your true essence to shine through. Don’t fret if you aren’t a “yogi”- we will figure out what movements you enjoy, what exercises complement your body, and which ones will connect you back to your overall “why”. You will learn how to move your body everyday in a way you not only enjoy but crave, because we find what makes you feel good. Enjoyment is part of the process that makes your health journey intuitive. Everyone deserves to feel better in their own body and enjoy the process of getting there!

Empowering Beach Power Yoga Workout

Movement & Power Yoga

designed to empower you



Meditation Meditating

Wellness Coaching

your guide for discovering intuitive habits


Maybe running is not for you. Maybe certain foods aren’t for you. Who knows! But what I do know is that you’re not alone in figuring it out - I’m here to support and guide you every step of the way. We will dive deep to uncover what the driving force is behind why you want a change and how you want to feel. Whether your “why” is to feel empowered, gain confidence, feel better in your body or have more energy, we will connect habits that reflect your end goal in a way that feels not only manageable but enjoyable for where you are on your journey. 

It might sound like a crazy concept now but think of it like this - why do you want to brush your teeth everyday? To feel fresh and clean. Do you think about this every single time? NO! You just DO! The positive effects have been ingrained into your brain in a way that makes this an “automatic habit” because the benefits have been hard wired long ago. This is how it works with Intuitive Health. If you are ready to make a change you are in the right place.

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